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1969 Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

1969 Camaro SS/RS Convertible

53rd Indianapolis 500 – May 30, 1969
Driver – Jim Rathmann

For the second time in just two years the Camaro was asked back again as the official Indianapolis 500 Pace car. This time the Chevrolet marketing team took full advantage of the publicity by creating 3,675 limited edition Indy 500 Pace Car replica Camaros for sale to the public. These were sent only to select dealers who had to pre-order the number of Pace cars they wanted. This package (RPO Z11) added a mere $36.90 to the price of the Camaro. This was of course in addition to the premium price paid for the SS and RS packages that were mandatory on these cars.

A total of 132 Camaro Pace Cars were produced in 1969 for the race and pre-race related activities. The two actual Pace cars were 396 big blocks with 4 speeds, as were some of the others. The rest were 350 cid automatics. They break down as follows;

  • (2) pace cars which lead the racers. There were actually two pace laps due to an accident during the first, so both cars got track time even though one was intended to be a backup only
  • (7) cars used by speedway officials
  • (5) cars used by the United States Auto Club (USAC)
  • (43) cars for Festival Committee members for various race and public relation related activities
  • (75) cars for use by the press, Chevrolet corporate employees

As in 1967, the 1969 Pace cars were white convertible SS/RS Camaros with white tops. The bright Dover White paint was accented by striking Hugger Orange Z28 style stripes. These wide twin stripes went from the leading edge of the cowl induction hood to the bottom edge of the D80 spoiler. Completing the color package was a custom orange & black Z87 hound’s tooth interior. The blacked out rear panel and rocker panels that were a standard part of the SS package were painted white on the pace cars. Other features included rally wheels and bright exhaust tips.

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