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1969 Used Camaros

With 2 years under it’s belt Chevrolet decided it was time to change up the Camaro looks. Although still similar in shape and style, the 1969 Camaro would get all new sheet metal including doors, front fenders, rear quarter panels, header, valance and rear panel. The result was a wider, more aggressive stance. A deeper and more pointed grille topped off the new sportier look and gave a very distinct appearance to the ‘69 Camaro.
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1969 Classic Camaro History

But the Camaro’s new attitude didn’t stop at it’s new outward appearance. For the first time a factory built 427 powered Camaro rolled off the assembly line. Previous 427 models were all dealer installed, but in 1969 dealer (and racer) Don Yenko helped convince Chevrolet to create a factory 427. These COPO Camaros were built using the Central Office Production Order system, which allowed these rare Camaros to skirt the GM standing rule of no production cars with over 400 cid engines. Dealers like Yenko and Gibb were responsible for what are now the most collectible and valuable classic Camaros around.