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The last redesign of the second generation Camaro happened in 1978. The overall body remained the same, but front and rear bumpers were now painted to match the car. The resulting look was sleeker and helped modernize the Camaro style, which essentially had changed little in seven years. Another first in 1978 was the option for T-tops. These removable roof panels were as close as Camaro had come to a convertible since 1970. The Type LT option was dropped in 1979 and replaced with another appearance package; the Berlinetta. It featured a chrome grille, chrome molding around windshield and rear windows, body colored sport mirrors and argent rear panel.
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1978-1981 Camaro History

1980 saw the retirement of the inline 6 cylinder, to be replaced with a new 3.8L V6. The long time Rally Sport option would also be retired in 1981. The RS package wouldn’t see a full comeback until 1989. Otherwise the final year of the second generation was primarily unchanged. 1981 production was down significantly. This was due partially to a poor economy, but also because the public knew that an all new third generation Camaro was only a year away.