1972-1973 Camaro for Sale

1972 1973 Used Camaros

Both 1972 and 1973 Camaros continued with only minor cosmetic changes. The muscle car era was essentially over due to sky high oil prices and ever increasing federal emissions standards. The 396 cid big block would make it’s final appearance in the 1972 Camaro. The public seemed to agree with the decision as only 930 big blocks were sold this final year. 1972 production was by far the lowest yet to date in Camaro history with just over 68,000 sold. But this was primarily the result of a 117 day workers strike at the only assembly plant that produced Camaros. What’s worse, 1100 partially built Camaros were totally scrapped because they would have cost too much to bring up to new 1973 federal safety standards.
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1972-1973 Classic Camaro History

In 1973 the LT replaced the SS package. The ‘Type LT’ featured a V8 engine standard as well as an enhanced interior. The split bumper front end that distinguished the RS package continued for 1973, but this would be it’s final year. The Z28 was still available, but now with hydraulic lifters in lieu of solid, which allowed air conditioning to be ordered on a Z28 for the first time. The 250 cid six cylinder continued to be an economical engine choice, but still wasn’t overly popular making up for less than 4% of total 1973 Camaro production.