2010-2015 Camaros for Sale

Fifth Generation Camaros

It was a sad day in August 2001 when GM announced that the Camaro would be no longer after 2002. The final Camaro came down the assembly line on Aug 27th, 2002 and was pulled aside to become part of the GM Heritage Collection and a part of automotive history.

Yet as it turned out this was not truly the end for the venerable Camaro. GM listened to it’s every persistent customers and the Camaro name was resurrected a few years later in 2010. The announcement was made in January 2006 when a new Camaro concept car was rolled out at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The Camaro was back and in 2010 there was an all new fifth generation Camaro for sale.
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2010-2014 Camaro History

The new 5th generation Camaro held true to the concept car that GM showed off at almost every major automotive event in the previous 2 years. The design is decidedly retro with strong ties to the 1969 Camaro body style. The style and attitude that made the 1969 one of the favorite muscle cars of all times are matched in the agressive and purposeful lines of the updated 2010 Camaro.

The traditional front engine, rear wheel drive concept remains, but greatly enhanced by all the technological advances in the last 40 years; fully Independent suspension with disc brakes at all four wheels, optional 426+ horsepower all aluminum engine, 6 speed transmission and active fuel management.
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