1967-1969 Camaros for Sale

First Generation Used Camaros

On September 26, 1966 the world was officially introduced to a new contender in the muscle car era; the Chevrolet Camaro. Ford’s Mustang had a healthy 2+ year head start, but the Camaro quickly came into it’s own and proved it was more than simply a knee jerk reaction to the fast selling Mustang. In addition to favorable reviews and sales numbers, the Camaro was also honored twice (in 1967 and 1969) as the official Indianapolis 500 pace car. Like most other cars from that era, the early Camaro design was only kept for a few years before it was redesigned. The first generation Camaro was built from 1967 to 1969.Continued below…

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First Generation Camaro History

Buyers could chose from either a coupe or convertible body style. Both featured a unique sub-frame front clip attached to a unibody main structure. This allowed not only for increased body strength, but also less road noise and vibration for the passengers. The convertible Camaros were hot sellers at the time and continue to be some of the most sought after by collectors today. Unfortunately their time was brief as the convertible body style was dropped after the first generation ended in 1969.

The Camaro was targeted to a large audience and so offered engines ranging from economical inline 6 cylinders to big block V8’s. Options were plentiful and those looking at a new Camaro for sale could pick and chose from the large list to personalize their new pony car. Packages like the Rally Sport (RS), Super Sport (SS) and Z-28 offered even more ways to option out the new Camaro. And if the factory offerings weren’t enough there were Chevrolet dealers like Yenko and Baldwin-Motion who offered engine swaps to shoehorn a mighty 427 cid big block under the hood.