1993-2002 Camaros for Sale

Fourth Generation Camaros

The fourth generation Camaro began in 1993 and continued until 2002 when it was discontinued, much to the disappointment of it’s supporters. But all wasn’t lost. After several years GM announced the Camaro comeback with an all new 2010 model that kicked off the fifth and current generation Camaro for sale.

The 1993 Camaro had an all new look. The basic hatchback body style remained the same, but the straight edges from the previous design were rounded, giving a sleeker appearance. At the same time the front end actually became more angular with a very distinct pointed nose.
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1993-02 Camaro History

The fifth generation Camaro saw several milestones including both 30th and 35th anniversary editions, a fourth Indy 500 Pace Car appearance in 1993, dual airbags and relocation to a new production plant in Sante-Therese, Quebec Canada. 1994 marked the return of the Camaro convertible and the RS (Rally Sport) model was once again available starting in 1996.

Then in August of 2001 it was announced that the Camaro and it’s Pontiac cousin the Firebird would be discontinued. The 2002 Camaro was supposed to be the last of the legendary name. Yet only four short years after the final Camaro rolled off the assembly line an exciting silver concept car debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Camaro would return again for 2010 and the legend would continue.