1982-1985 Camaro for Sale

1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 Used Camaros

The third generation Camaro kicked off in 1982 with a radical redesign. An all new modern, edgy look had the public and automotive media excited. So excited that Motor Trend named the Camaro it’s Car of the Year in 1982. The previous generation Camaro had continued to gain weight even as it gained horsepower. This new third generation Camaro was 500 pounds lighter, smaller in every dimension, more aerodynamic and most of all more efficient. A radically raked back windshield combined with a new hatch back rear gave it phenomenal wind tunnel numbers. This combination of efficiency and style was what brought people into dealerships to look at Camaros for sale.
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1982-1985 Camaro History

With efficiency in mind the Camaro was now available with a 4 cylinder engine for the first time. Other firsts arrived in 1983 with the introduction of a 5 speed manual transmission and 4 speed automatic including overdrive. Technology was marching on and changing the world of automotive design. The 8-track was finally dropped in 1983. digital instrument readouts were optional in 1984. Multiport fuel injected V6 engines debuted in 1985.

The V8 powered Z28 and V6 powered Berlinetta continued as upgrades from the base 4 cylinder sport coupe. But a new performance option was available starting late in 1985; the IROC Sport Equipment Package. Inspired by the International Race of Champions, the IROC was an impressive suspension package that made the already nimble Camaro handle even better.
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