1970-1981 Camaros for Sale

Second Generation Camaros

After just three years the first generation Camaro gave way to a totally redesigned second generation. The 1970 Camaro represented a complete facelift and new design tact for Chevrolet. The angular, aggressive lines of the first generation were rounded off and the curves accentuated. The rear roof line now tapered back to blend in to the trunk lid in almost a “fastback” style. Rear tail lights went from rectangular to round. The convertible body style was dropped completely from the second generation, leaving only the coupe.Continued below…

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1970-1981 Second Generation Camaros for sale

Oil prices were rising and the muscle car era was coming to a close.
1972 marked the last year a big block was offered in a Camaro and sales of those were poor at only 930 units. 1972 also was the last year of the SS (Super Sport) package, replaced in 1973 with the LT, which was eventually replaced with the Berlinetta model in 1979. The Z28 package continued, although evolving more into a handling package than a power upgrade. The RS (Rally Sport) continued through almost the entire second generation, being discontinued only in the final year; 1981.