1993-1995 Camaro for Sale

1993, 1994, 1995 Used Camaros

The fourth generation Camaro hit the streets in 1993 and brought with it a fresh and sleek redesign. The hard angular lines of the previous generation were smoothed and more sculpted. The new aggressive front end came to a pronounced point, which blended in to the sides via wrap around head lights. The Camaros for sale now had just two model choices; the Camaro Coupe and the Z28 coupe. As with the introduction of the third generation Camaro 11 years prior, the 1993 was selected as the Indy 500 pace car.Continued below…

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1993-1995 Camaro History

Production for all Camaros starting in 1993 was relocated from Van Nuys, CA to Saint Therese in Quebec Canada. Another first for Camaro, and indeed for any GM vehicle was dual front seat air bags, which started in 1993. The big news for 1994 was the reintroduction of the Camaro convertible. The drop top was available in either base form or with the Z28 package. Buyers clearly preferred the latter as the Z28 convertible outsold the base more than two to one. The top of the line 350 cid LT1 engine still put out 275 horsepower, but now featured sequential fuel injection for improved driveability as well as gas mileage. The 207 cid V6 introduced in 1993 was still the base model engine, but starting in 1995 a larger 231 cid V6 was optional, putting out a respectable 200 horsepower.