1998-1999 Camaro for Sale

1999 & 1999 Used Camaros

The 1998 Camaro received the first facelift of the fourth generation. A new hood and fenders created sculpted ridges flowing back from new composite headlights. A new front fascia gave a grille-like appearance and allowed for optional fog lamps. Under that new hood was something else new; the aluminum block LS1 V8 for the Z28 package. This Corvette engine squeezed 305 horsepower out of 346 cubic inches. The base engine remained the 200 horsepower, 231 cid V6 (L36) which was mated to a 5 speed manual or optional automatic transmission. The Z28 buyer could chose between a 6 speed manual or automatic for no additional charge.
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The SS package now became a factory option with order code WU8. GM installed the 320 horsepower LS1 V8 and then shipped these SS Camaros to SLP Engineering for installation of the final hood, spoiler and any customer ordered options. SS Camaros were also fitted with 17″x9″ wheels wrapped with P275/40ZR17 rubber, upgraded suspension, 3″ stainless exhaust tips and SS trim.

The RS (Rally Sport) package was dropped, but customers could order a similar Sport Appearance package, which could be combined with the Z28.