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2000, 2001 & 2002 Used Camaros

The year 2000 marked the beginning of the end for the Camaro. Sales had been in a steady decline since 1995 and the five year average production for that period was the lowest in Camaro history. 2001 especially hit an all time low of just 29,009 cars built. Part of this was GM starting early production of the final 2002 Camaros, but even with that early start the 2002 numbers weren’t significantly better. The very first and last Camaros built in 2002 were pulled off the assembly line and sent to the GM Heritage Collection as pieces of history. The second to last car was auctioned for charity and brought in $71,500.
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2000-2002 Camaro History

There were no major changes in the last 3 years of the fourth generation Camaro. There remained two body styles; coupe or convertible. Buyers could also upgrade to the SS, Z28 or Sport Appearance package (the latter offered in combination with the others or on it’s own)

Power numbers bumped up slightly on the 346 cid V8. For 2001 it was now rated at 310 horsepower or 325 horsepower for the SS version. 2002 was not only the last year of Camaro production (or so they thought at the time) but also it’s 35th anniversary. To commemorate GM offered a special Z4C anniversary edition Camaro for sale. Just 3369 of these were sold at $2500 premium. These started as SS Camaros and featured bright red paint and black convertible tops or T-tops for coupes. Twin silver stripes started as solid at the nose, fading into checkered flags toward the rear. The 35th anniversary interiors were ebony leather with pewter leather inserts. Bright CAMARO lettering was added to the front grille and rear tail light panel.

Although the Camaro was discontinued in 2002 there was still hope. Less than a decade later the Camaro name was resurrected with the all new fifth generation starting in 2010.