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1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 Used Camaros

The 1974 Camaro was the first major design update of the second generation. Constant changes in federal safety requirements dictated design changes seemingly every year in the early 70’s. For 1974 it was bumper impact standards which led to new aluminum bumpers for the Camaro. It grew an extra 7 inches in length and 200 pounds in weight as compared to 1973. 1975 saw little change for the Camaro, except for a larger wrap around rear window which improved visibility. Power locks were a new feature and catalytic converters were added to deal with unleaded fuel.
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1974-1977 Classic Camaro History

Likewise the changes in 1976 were also subtle. All V8 Camaros now received power brakes standard. Cruise control was now an option. The Z28 was dropped in 1975 and 1976, but returned mid year in 1977. Now the Z28 wasn’t just an option package, but it’s own separate model, not able to be combined with either the RS or LT models. In general the Camaro was evolving into more of a quick handling touring car as opposed to earlier years where the focus was on raw horsepower.