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Buying a Salvage Title Camaro

Guidelines for Buying a Salvage Title Camaro

If you’re looking at Camaros for sale, you’ll probably come across some cars that say “salvage title.”  A salvage title vehicle is one that’s been written off as a complete loss from an accident or theft recovery.  Often an insurance company will declare a total loss for Camaros with extensive damage. Most of the time the cost for a professional shop to properly repair a salvage title car exceeds 75% of the cars market value.

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State Regulations for Salvage Titles

Here are some states that don’t use salvage titles on stolen cars: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Maryland, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois and Minnesota.  What constitutes a salvage car will vary from state to state. You need to be cautious because most of the time salvage titles don’t transfer from state to state, which means the car may end up with a clean title once registered in a new state.  Clearly this can become a serious problem when dealing with unethical sellers or even just someone who doesn’t know the car’s history. The best way to protect yourself when dealing with a salvage title is to do a thorough history check on any salvage Camaro for sale.

Why Purchase Salvage Title Cars?

Salvage Camaros are often found at local auctions or online like the eBay vehicles seen on this site. Although some recommend against them, in truth a salvage title car can be an excellent way to save cash if you’re skilled and have the tools to fix the damage yourself.  Especially if you’re in the market for a project Camaro, one with a salvage title can be significantly more affordable then a fully restored version which may come with a hefty monthly payment on the loan needed to buy it. The key to success with a project car or salvage title is to know your limitations. Be honest with yourself about your time and abilities before taking on a major project like this. It’s true that the right salvage car in the hands of the right person can be a great affordable project, but it can also be a constant drain on your wallet if you’re not prepared.

Issues when Reselling a Salvage car

One reason for buying a salvage title Camaro might be to resell it after repairs are done. Flipping a car like this can be a good income source, especially if you’re skilled enough to do much of the work yourself. But beware of the legal restrictions for salvage titles because they’re fairly strict in most states. Many people make a living buying these vehicles at auction for pennies on the dollar and reselling after repairs are made.  There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the seller is forthcoming with the salvage history of the car and clear as to what work was done to bring it back. It’s against the law to sell a vehicle without disclosing that it once had a salvage title.

If you’re looking at buying a salvage Camaro it’s critical to get the seller to fully disclose any and all work that’s been done to the vehicle. Many states will require full documentation, including receipts for parts and labor before they allow a car to be re-salvaged. This is where your research and homework can make all the difference. Buying a car with a salvage title past can cause serious headaches if you haven’t properly inspected the car and don’t have the proper documentation and knowledge of it’s history.

Inspecting a Salvage Title Camaro

Two of the most crucial items to look at when buying a salvage car are the air bags and frame condition. Checking to see if the air bags have been deployed will give a good indication of accident history. And if they have been deployed it’s very important (required by law in some states) that they be professionally replaced. This is not a job for a shade tree mechanic. The second critical item to inspect is the frame. Again, frame condition can tell you if the car has been in a crash and how severe it was. A bent frame can be straightened, but it should be done so professionally which is not inexpensive. And if the frame doesn’t get completely straight you will likely have issues down the road with other components. Bent frames can put excessive wear on items like tires, brakes, axles and motor mounts. The last thing you want is to buy a Camaro with an unrepairable frame. If in doubt take that Camaro for sale to a qualified mechanic before purchasing. It can be cheap insurance against major repair work in the future.

Certainly buying a salvage title car isn’t right for everyone, but in the right hands they can be a great way to get into a Camaro that might otherwise be out of your price range.  The thing to remember is to thoroughly research the car before buying and be aware of the legal ramifications should you decide to sell after repairs are made. If you have the skills, patience, knowledge and facilities a salvage title Camaro could be just the car you’re looking for.