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Classic Camaro History

When Chevrolet debuted the Camaro in August of 1966 many saw it as a very late entry into the pony car race. A race that already had a very clear leader in the Ford Mustang. But although the Mustang was clearly the competition, Chevy wasn’t interested in just keeping up. They built the new Camaro to take the lead.
Design innovations like  a subframe front clip created a smoother and quieter ride then the rival Mustang. But under the hood is where Camaro really took on the competition in earnest. Buyers could opt for the high performance Z/28 package with a special 302 small block… or jump up to the cubic inch heavyweight 396 V8. Select Chevy dealers even took things a step further by installing the lethal 427 cid for true race competition.

It didn’t take long for the Camaro to be recognized not just as a competitor in the pony car races, but as a leader; both in style and performance. Those qualities stayed with the Camaro for decades until it was finally discontinued in 2002. But fans were rewarded for their loyalty with the re-release of the Camaro in 2007. This modern 5th generation carries on in the storied Camaro spirit.

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